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Many facilities, particularly multipurpose high-rises with high volumes of pedestrian traffic, would surely benefit from increasing elevator capacity, although it is physically not possible to add elevators in most instances. However, new technologies make it possible to increase elevator capacity by as much as 33% while reducing passenger trip times by as much as 25% -- without physical expansion.

This innovative solution, called Destination Dispatch, provides a highly efficient elevator management system that improves the rider experience and saves energy at the same time. TEI is already implementing Destination Dispatch at buildings throughout metropolitan New York, including what promises to be the largest single deployment of the solution to date, 1166 Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan.

Destination Dispatch is the latest trend in modern facilities and luxury buildings with multiple elevator banks, and for good reasons. With Destination Dispatch, buildings can offer their users multiple methods to select their destination floor - touchscreens, fobs, smartphones - immediately assigning them to an elevator bank. Behind the scenes, the intelligent control system plans the most efficient use of the available elevators to serve all the users at any given time. As a result, passengers going to the same floor are grouped together, allowing the elevator cab to stop on fewer floors. The impact on passenger experience is significant, with shorter travel times to their destination and less crowded lobbies.

Destination Dispatch is non-proprietary and can be applied to any elevator system, new or old. The improved efficiency and service supports higher rents, while saving operational costs by reducing the number of energy-hungry cab starts and stops required. Destination Dispatch can be implemented throughout a building, or only in the lobby or select floors to meet the specific goals of each building.


Building owners have their choice of a range of user interfaces, from simple keypad entry interfaces to sleek touch screen interfaces that can be surface mounted, flush mounted, or integrated into wall surfaces. Stand-alone pedestal units are another popular option that can be placed in convenient locations in open areas for easy access.

For improved general security, destination dispatch systems can be integrated with access control platforms to restrict access to specific floors or even entire banks of elevators. This approach makes it much more difficult for intruders to gain access to restricted floors without being detected by other staff.

Management Information

Another key benefit from implementing an intelligent destination dispatch system is the increased amount of usage data that is captured by the system. The system monitoring and reporting capabilities provide building management improved visibility as to how to best manage their vertical transportation, leading to informed actions to improve security, set or adjust operating modes, and similar updates - based on real-world, real-time data.

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