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Environmental Health and Safety

All TEI personnel must strive to:

1. Return home to their families everyday injury free.

2. Comply with industry, state, NYC-DOB, DOL-OSHA safety standards and company policies, and safe work practices.

3. Practice elevator industry safe work practices and the industry's "9 Safety Absolutes."

4. Make continuous safety improvements year over year.

5. Be accountable for their individual safety to eliminate injuries.

6. Look out for other employees and their families, customers, and the riding public.

7. Ensure that TEI services are the benchmark for excellence in the industry.


TEI management commits to:

1. Quantify safety and environmental milestones, and regularly review progress to achieve them.

2. Develop and implement advanced technologies and standard work practices that protect stakeholders and customers, and assure safe workplaces, products, and services.

3. Ensure safety and environmental processes when dealing with contractors and suppliers.

4. Partner with other industry leaders and associations, and government agencies to advance elevator industry legislation, regulations and workplace practices.

5. Conduct frequent test and verification practices to ensure field compliance to industry and company safety standards.